Autopsy unit, Morg unit, grossing station

Since 2008, Zenon Diagnostics company has been developing and producing devices for protecting the health of employees in pathology laboratories, Morg unit devices that provide solutions to waste from the pathology unit, and the indispensable devices of pathology laboratories that are not produced in our country.

The products of our company are used by distributor companies in many countries.  Autopsy unit Our aim is to provide more service to our existing distributors, grossing station to develop our distributor network and to create a brand value by increasing our product range. For this purpose, our company allocates a budget for R&D research every year. In this way, as it did before, today it identifies the needs and develops and continues to develop innovative products. It is the founding philosophy of our company to grow together with friends who will walk with us on this challenging path and to become a world company by reaching a corporate structure.