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Thigh And Butt Lift


A thigh and buttock lift removes excess skin and fat and restores a firmer, Vaser liposuction smoother, and more slender appearance to the legs and buttocks. This procedure can help jeans and shorts fit much more comfortably, as well as achieve a more youthful, shapely appearance to the legs and lower body.

The Technique:

Incisions for thigh and buttock lift surgery vary depending on the location and amount of skin to be removed. Incisions are placed in the least conspicuous areas possible, such as the groin, the natural crease beneath the buttocks or low on the hips, where scars can be concealed by a swimsuit. Vaser liposuction Rhinoplasty 

What To Expect:

Pre Operation:

A few weeks before the operation you must quit smoking drinking or taking any other drugs unrelated to your medical needs.

Operation Day:

You will meet with me and the anesthesiologist, and you will go through blood tests to make sure you are eligible to enter the operation room. Once everything is ready we go in. Depending on your case and the number of areas to be treated it will last between 2h and 3 hours. Afterwards we wake you up and take you to your room where you will rest and I will come to visit you. Breast aesthetics

Post Operation:

You will wear compression pants for a few weeks following surgery. This helps to minimize swelling and encourage optimal skin contraction. With proper care, scars should fade significantly over the months following surgery.

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